TRESU iCut 30000

Digital Plate cutting

TRESU iCut 30000 digital flexo plate cutter provides on-demand spot coating simplifies and accelerates digital folding carton printing workflow     

The TRESU iCut 30000 plate cutter provides a fast, straightforward means of imaging flexo plates for the post-print spot coating of digitally printed folding cartons. Accommodating B2-size plates used by TRESU iCoat units, the TRESU iCut 30000 is designed to process the same software as the digital printer, as well as the accompanying analogue coater. The plate, mounted on a sleeve, is cut directly from the file by a rotating knife, with 100% cross-directional register precision, without the need for shrinkage compensation. Processing times are less than ten minutes. Once imaged, the plate, together with the sleeve, are ready to be mounted on the coater for production.  


  • Use conventional offset coating plate

  • Eliminate mounting error

  • Process time less than 10 min.

  • Direct from image file 

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