Trained, educated and highly specialised service team

For our customers, machine uptime is everything.

To assure brand-owners of repeatable quality, in shorter runs, and at shorter notice, printers depend on reliable, productive workflows that minimise waste and require minimum maintenance. In this operational environment, technical support is as crucial to the printer as equipment quality.

That’s why at TRESU, we have invested significantly in building a global service network to provide highly responsive, expert support to our customers, wherever they are.

The TRESU service department comprises a team of highly specialised, trained and qualified service technicians. They are available around the clock to keep you running at all times. The team is designed to react rapidly to defects, either on-site or via remote diagnostics, supervising repairs and carrying out maintenance.

TRESU’s technicians have an in-depth knowledge of the complete production workflow so can offer end-to-end support and advice for optimum performance. Expert technical support and guidance will ensure your TRESU investment remains smoothly integrated with your processes, and that it continues to deliver the best value throughout its working life.

TRESU Group offers a holistic care programme, Global Service Concept, which allows customers worldwide to gain maximum value from complete workflows that feature TRESU ancillary equipment, printing units and processes. Under the supervision of experienced TRESU technical staff, Global Service Concept comprises round-the-clock support, on-going machine optimisation, training and testing, to provide a framework for driving waste out of the customer’s processes.

Besides rapid-response 24-hour remote diagnostics, on-site services are integral to the programme. These include management of installations, maintenance and repairs, and consultation to help customers implement lean and cleaner manufacturing practices in areas such as setup time reduction, ink and substrate performance and human-machine interaction.

TRESU’s Test and Demo Centre at its global headquarters provides  comprehensive training programmes that give operators and staff an in-depth understanding of the equipment and hands-on experience with machine components.