Technical support, maintenance and remote service 

We aim to offer the most complete and competent customer service and technical support, 24-hours a day, worldwide. TRESU Group is with you every step of the way providing commissioning, training, technical assistance, follow-up maintenance, parts and service – ensuring our customers stay ahead of the game in terms of performance, versatility and creativity.

Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance is an increasingly important subject today because of customer demands for punctual and high quality deliveries. Therefore TRESU offers our customers a Preventive Maintenance program called “Machine Condition Analysis”. The service concept is a preventive maintenance check of your printing machines, ensuring that your machines are at the peak of their performance at all times.

Remote Service
TRESU Group offers remove monitoring and service for our installations around the world. The intelligent iSeries from TRESU Royse offers an innovative control platform that interfaces directly with the TRESU Internal Diagnostic Monitoring System (IDMS).