Enchanging flexibility of digital folding Carton printing workflow 

Positioned after the printing stage, TRESU iJet integrates seamlessly inline with the HP Indigo 30000, HP Indigo 12000 and HP Indigo 10000 digital presses. It processes the same software as both the presses and, where necessary, the accompanying analogue coater. As a result files are ripped in minutes. 

TRESU iJet can be customised to accommodate any number of printheads, between one and 11, along the bar. The printheads can be repositioned in the cross direction, to apply coating anywhere on the package. 

Matching the productivity of the printing press, TRESU iJet achieves speeds of 58m/min or 4,600 sheets/hour, and uses specially formulated UV varnishes that offer high gloss and scratch-resistance.