Inline double coating solution for digital printing

Designed for inline integration with the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press, TRESU iCoat 30000 TWIN includes two flexo units capable of applying spot, partial or full surface coating immediately after the printing stage. The result is a seamless single-pass sheet-fed print and coating operation, resulting in efficiencies in logistics, material waste, setup time and handling.

Combination varnish printing with the TRESU iCoat 30000 TWIN opens numerous creative opportunities. Examples of possible effects include a double full-surface coat for extra protection; juxtaposing matte with high-gloss; or combining full, spot or line effects, thus creating contrast or adding vividness to an underlying color.

Capable of running 5000 sheets / hour on board substrates between 180g/m² (121.6 lb) and 500g/m² (337.8 lb), TRESU iCoat 30000 TWIN also features corona treatment, quick-change sleeve technology and the ability to switch from UV to aqueous varnish within a few minutes.



  • Make your products stand out with unique designs and enhanced print

  • Increase shelf appeal with high-precision inline coating

  • Combine matte, satin and gloss varnishes



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