Solutions for press temperature control and process chilling

TRESU's new intelligent iSeries offers an innovative control platform that interfaces directly with the TRESU Internal Diagnostic Monitoring System (IDMS). IDMS is a state-of-the-art, proactive system that monitors the chiller and instantly alerts TRESU Royse' service department whenever a warning or control setting disturbance is indicated. IDMS allows TRESU Americas to remotely access all iSeries units and determine the nature of the alarm for swift problem resolution.



Temperature control and process chilling





Pressure Control Technology





See the following for a full overview of our iSeries chillers
SCi - Single-zone chiller

The SCi is a compact, single-zone chiller for the ink rollers on a sheetfed or web offset printing press. The SCi provides one control temperature water to the entire press or process. The system utilizes a remote condenser configuration to pump heat off the press and reject it outside the press.

CCi - Combi chiller
The CCi is a Combi chiller used for continuous circulation process water to the ink rollers
and likewise, dampening solution to the press. The system utilizes a remote condenser configuration to pump heat off the press and reject it outside the pressroom or the facility.

UCi - UV chiller
The UCi is a chiller for providing temperature controlled process water to water-cooled UV curing systems. The UV chiller can be built as a free-standing unit or added as an “up-size” configuration to a Combi or Single-Zone chiller, and is adaptable to all water-cooled UV curing systems.

MCi - Multi-zone controller
The MCi is a “Multi-Zone” controller for water-less printing. Typically, a multi-zone system is arranged in conjunction with a Single-Zone chiller to provide temperature controlled water to the ink rollers on an offset press when there is a requirement for independent temperature control for every printing unit.

ZCi - Zone control module
The ZCi is a zone control module that can be built in a single or multiple zone configuration for managing multiple temperature control requirements on a sheetfed and web offset press. The zone control can be added to a Combi unit or Single-Zone chiller to provide accurate temperature control for many different applications on an offset press which requires water-chilling. Additionally, the zone control can be built as an isolated stand-alone unit using a plate heat exchanger which makes it adaptable to any application where supply water is available as the source of cooling in place of a refrigerated circuit.